I Know What I Like


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The old verse is best:

toil is ennobled by it.

Even a beast’s cry is onomatopoeic.

I know what I like

and I don’t mean a good rhyme,


or rigid scansion.

Even transferred epithets

can be somewhat trite.

Melodic lyricism

conveys true feeling.

Even cliches from the past

have elements of truth.


Musical Observations


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A bad musician

always blames his instrument.

Tatsuaki said

the go and jo stops in flutes

are not in accord

with the others and when played

together, sound harsh.

He recommended that stops

like these should be lifted

before the next one

is put down.  Kagemochi

disagreed.  It takes

modulation and true skill

to blow correctly.  You’ll see!

On Pursuit of Riches


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Wealth – satisfaction

of all our needs and desires?

But, if your wishes

go beyond your wherewithal,

you are a pauper

and a slave to your own lusts.

Saint Paul said that godliness

with contentment is great gain.

To have control over self

is the one true aim;

is a lifetime’s endeavour.

It will bring great peace.

With acceptance of one’s lot

comes tranquillity of soul.

Low Expectation


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Trusting there’s justice

causes disappointment, when

even Confucius

was not honoured in his day.

Gangkwai was moral,

yet his life was not easy.

Servants desert you

and friends are often fickle.

Today men don’t keep their word.

Low expectation

means sometimes you’ll be surprised –

pleasantly, one hopes.

If you are open-minded,

you’ll navigate through Life well.

Come As You Are



Sometimes impromptu

invitations are the best.

A priest wrote to me

and asked me to come forthwith.

I hesitated

for I was wearing old clothes.

He then rang me up

and said, Just come as you are.

He had some saki to share

and apologised

for not having much to eat,

but we found nibbles

to accompany the drinks.

It was a great evening!

Reaction to Fabrication


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Some are gullible;

others exaggerate things;

some will discredit;

others will mull thoughts over.

The non-committal

use the word ‘allegedly.’

A few act as if

they were always in on it;

others treat it as a joke.

Some are convinced, but

are not very convincing.

People hide their thoughts,

but those with a modicum

of shrewdness, puncture pretence.