Blast from the Past


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IMG_0020 (2)

Photo by Candia Dixon-Stuart

My father used to say that certain women had more rolls of fat than the

Michelin man.

This was considered to be an appropriate comment in the past,

(by him!)

Maybe today, though admittedly true in some cases, we might add, out

of fairness, that some men have them too, but it is tactful and polite not

to make personal comments!


Waiting for a taxi in Brexit Britain


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yesteryear 4

Photo by Husband of Candia – under strict instruction.

At present it really is raining cats and dogs, stair rods or

whatever non-EU idiom you care to employ.

The automobile is finished.  For those who can’t afford

a carriage, they’ll just have ‘to look sweet on a bicycle

built for two.’

Metroland becomes Retroland.