Pencil sketch. You know the location!



Sydney James


The Scheme of Things



All is cyclical.

In Autumn, bronzed leaves descend,

but you could say that

they are pushed by forming buds.

Energy will sprout

and as old people die, new

generations come

to take their place in the world.

Bearing this in mind, one should

live Life to the full,

for no one knows when Time’s up.

Nature calls the tune,

but what comfort to know that

we’re part of the scheme of things.




Forcing men to drink

is not a good idea.

They lower themselves

and sometimes become maudlin.

Buddha warned people

who encourage drunkenness

would end up re-born

five hundred times, with no hands.

But at Moon Viewing, or when

there’s been a snowfall,

unexpected friends drop in;

there’s cherry blossom,

it is pleasant to partake,

but only moderately.

On Blossom


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Single, not double

is the best kind of blossom.

In Nara, double

blossom is everywhere.

Now it’s gone global.

It’s quite overblown; blowsy.

Some varieties

harbour insects; flower late.

Blossoms withering on twigs

are so unsightly.

Kyogoku Chunagon

planted single types

as they scatter their petals,

evoking abundant joy.

Deferred Gratification


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Another re-vamp of the 14th century Japanese monk’s



Some people just live

to view the next spectacle.

Deferred gratification

is alien to them;

anticipation is lost

on such as these types.

They drink while they wait

and then push their way forward,

to seize the best views,

shoving past others

who have queued up patiently.


is lacking.  Anything thrills.

They can’t wait for the next show.