My name is Candia. Its initial consonant alliterates with “cow” and there are connotations with the adjective “candid.” I started writing this blog in the summer of 2012 and focused on satire at the start. I fictionalised a market town in the South of England and created stereotypical characters to populate it. I tried to use a Alexander McCall Smith ‘Scotland Street’ formula, where real places were referred to, but characters were exaggerated, parodied and enhanced.

This led me to developing one character in particular and I ran with Mr Augustus Snodbury for a while, in order to practise  techniques for a sustained piece of writing which could lead to a P G Wodehouse-style novel. He has been taken to Wine Societies, Twinning Associations, Probus and WI meetings.

Interspersed was ironic news comment, reviews and poetry.

Over the years I have won some international poetry competitions and have published in reputable small presses, as well as reviewing and reading alongside well- established poets.  I wrote under my own name then, but Candia has taken me over as an online persona.  Having brought out a serious anthology last year called ‘Its Own Place’ which features poetry of an epiphanal nature, I was able to take part in an Arts and Spirituality series of lectures in Winchester in 2016.

Lately I have been experimenting with boussekusekeika, sestinas, rhyme royale, villanelles and other forms.  I am exploring Japanese themes at the moment, my interest having been re-ignited by the recent re-evaluations of Hokusai.

Thank you to all my committed followers whose loyalty has encouraged me to keep  writing.  It has been exciting to meet some of you in the flesh- in venues as far flung as  Melbourne and Sydney!




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  1. Thank you for visiting The Life in My Years and giving me a like for my post on Grand Teton National Park.

  2. Candia, thanks so much for your enthusiasm about my photography!

  3. Candia, thank you for visiting my blog and liking my photo post today. Such fun to discover your site and your varied literary-artistic pursuits. Cheers and keep going!

  4. Candia, thanks for visiting my blog. I saw you use my same blog template and you started it in 2012…like me…some invisible connections exists!!! I am following you and I hope you will do the me with me! Ciao!

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