One of my designs
You have to leave a like on the site, not on here! Thanks!

Hi, dear followers!

This week I won an art competition and so, fired up with success, I have entered

5 of my designs on the above site.

The prize is to be taken on as a designer on their site- they produce cushions,

prints, etc etc

For every sale they plant 3 trees.

Now, I am not expecting anyone to buy anything, but the prize is awarded

according to ‘likes’ on your mocked- up product, not on any sales. In fact, I

believe that they produce the competitors’ products for the duration of the

competition, but only the 3 prize-winners are taken on permanently.

I entered 5 of my designs to see how they would do. I do not have a very

big Facebook following- deliberately, but I wondered if some of my wordpress

readers would take a look and give me some likes.

I do not really like these systems and would rather just be judged by a panel,

but it seems it is the way things are handled.

If you can’t be bothered, that’s fine!

Wraptious only register the likes on their Facebook site at

The number code is for my designs, under the name Marion Bond

Thanks, guys!