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Another poem inspired by Prometheus Unbound

by P B Shelley:

Andromeda by Burne-Jones: Wikipedia


A wheel will come full circle, you will find.

The outcome’s in the etymology

of ‘revolution.’  Think ‘Animal Farm.’


‘You seize the flower; the bloom is shed,’ Rab said.

Heaven and Hell are one’s inner landscapes.

Give a man an inch; he’ll take a mile.


Liberty/ licence – where to draw the line?

Free expression/ censorship : who can judge?

Anarchy is based on casuistry.


Prometheus played with fire and was burnt.

Imagination versus tyranny.

He who is king over himself is free.


Cassiopeia took the liberty

of a frank assessment of others’ looks.

Say nowt if you can’t say anything nice.


Why did the Pre-Raphaelites feel free

to create soft porn from mythology?

Liberty bodices off; shackles on.


‘When tigers are unleashed, who controls them?’

said Diaz, while Dr Atl opposed

slaves’ exploitation by hacendados,


exploding guerilla warfare into print,

like lava from his beloved volcanoes –

but he still became a neo-Nazi.


So, I’m suspicious of all these Titans,

larger than life, whose words stream in the wind.

They’re the self-acknowledged legislators,


crying, ‘Liberty, equality… (Blah!)

prior to being overthrown – not by a coup –

yet everywhere men are free, but in chains.