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(Tarrawara Estate.  Creative Commons attribution edwin.11)


When I was in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, a couple of years ago, I

was fortunate enough to see Ian Fairweather’s series ‘The Drunken

Buddha‘ at Tarrawarra, in the art gallery attached to the famous vineyard.

It takes me some time to process things I have seen, so I was delighted to

begin to read the original literary work, in translation, last week.

Here is a choka I wrote as a poetic response to chapter 1:


Life’s a paradox.

Yes, it is good to seek peace,

but engagement yields

understanding through conflict.

There are nuances

between life and death and each

marks vital process,

on the way to extinction

of Ego. Volunteer!

Go another round

on Reincarnation’s wheel,

though you have ‘arrived.’

Do it for your fellow men.

Help them to Enlightenment.