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…a form outlined by Queneau.  A ‘quennet’ to his followers.

It starts with 3 sets of  noun phrases on one line, followed by a

single one on the second line.

Repeat 3 times. (6 lines)

Then 7 lines of 1 – 5 syllables,

followed by

a final 2 line sequence of  3 noun phrases on one line

and a final one on the last line.  These must incorporate words from

the first set, but in new combination.


For example:


Fifties Childhood


dense pea-soupers  dripping condensation  wheezing chest

Lucozade film

cold stethoscope  smoky pipe  nosy neighbour

hacking cough

headscarfed curlers  Redemption Hymnal  pigswill bucket

Hellfire preaching

trapped rabbit


bludgeoned to death

a screaming child

kind old man

saved cabbages

bloodied corpse

dense preaching  smoky Hellfire  cold Redemption

dripping bucket