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A drawing of the effigy of King John in Worcester Cathedral

An effigy of King John (Worcester Cathedral)

from Samuel R Gardiner’s ‘History of England’

source: Wikipedia


A rhyming romp through a particular period

of history:


Banished from Ireland for a good reason

and then committing an act of treason;

responsible for murders, uprisings;

provoking the Pope’s severe chastisings;

killing sons of the Welsh nobility;

losing French land through incivility;

divorcing Isabel of Gloucester (kin);

calling their bond consanguineous sin.

Duplicitous about Magna Carta;

kidnapping his young enamorata.

North, in Lincolnshire, losing his war chest,

which seems like carelessness, or a poor jest;

contracting vile dysentry at Swinehead:

Runnymede in his system, it’s been said.

Newark Gate-House was as far as he reached.

There he expired, before being impeached.