… an advertising endorsement on a cardboard tag attached to

a pair of new socks which someone I knew found in a desk drawer

in their new office (or should I have called it ‘brown study’)!


The next incumbent found them at the back

of a desk drawer: unopened; kept in case.

The trite endorsement on the cardboard pack

guaranteed every woman would chase

the sporter of these elasticated

brown socks.  So, why had they never been worn?

Maybe his blonde secretary hated

being recumbent if he kept them on;

maybe his wife bought him deodorised

versions; perhaps he required more support,

especially if said spouse had surmised

why he was late every night; caught short.

He had had to vacate his office and

forgot these. Brown was the colour of it,

she’d thought. We always try to understand

and bless their cotton socks that never fit.

And their over-stretched imagination

envisages that we’ll believe all lies.


Now The New Boss, with anticipation,

severs the link and finds they are One-Size.