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Smiley’s People (Where?)

The Keen Fundamentalist

The Shipyard (Closed)

Seize A Loan O’ The Day

Some Are Canned

Stoned Junction

The People’s Palace Walk

Miss Smilla’s Falling In Snow


Memoirs of a Poisoned Dwarf

Spring Flowers, Spring Frost (typical)

Pictures from a Young Offenders Institution

The Tartan Steppe

The Right Skunner

Dune (The Wattur)

All Quiet on Great Western Road

Oxter Blitz

By The Central Station I Sat Down And Wept

The Cruel ‘See You, Jimmy!’

The Sydney Deviners

Zombie and Son

The Fall of The House of Fraser

Frost in June

You’re Going Down, Moses

England made Me Angry

The Heart of the Nutter

Hello Summer; Goodbye Summer

Hideous Skinnymalinky

The Hunchback of Notre Dame College

Last of the McMeechans

The Man of Stolen Property

Mary Dumbarton

The Bastard of Bannatyne

None but Scotland the Brave

I Go to Bed at Noon

Black Puddin’heid Wilson

The Sun Sometimes Rises

The Passion of Hogmanay

Some Prefer Thistles

As if I’m No A’ There

The Emigration of The Native


These are a little more obscure, but I based

them on a list of 1,000 recommended texts!

Perhaps you have to be Scottish and literate to

get some of these… rara avis?  No’ really!  We

are quite strong on World literature.  Think RL Stevenson,

Walter Scott, James Kelman etc