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(Genji meets his daughter for first time: The Wind in the Pines,

Burke Collection, NY. Toso Mitsunori – 1583-1638)


When the snow drifted

and thick ice glazed the river,

the child and her doll

were despatched in a carriage,

without her mother,

but in the charge of her nurse.

It did not take long

till she transferred affection

to her generous guardian.

Genji visited

The Lady of Ashaki.

Could he make amends?

She offered him no reproach,

as they played a brief duet.


Genji takes his daughter from the Akashi lady in order to move her into his own house “A Rack of Clouds” Sumiyoshi Gukei (1631-1705)

(A Rack of Clouds Sumiyoshi Gukei 1631-1705  Picture taken from a Tumblr site on The Tale of Genji: mostbeautifulgenji. The author didn’t say where they had found it. Will be glad to acknowledge location, if told)