My brother challenged me to come up with a list.  He


Tae Kiss a Mockit’ Bird  and You, Missus.

Sibling rivalry strikes:


Arms and the Wee Man (plays allowed)

The Duchess o’ Malkie

Labour’s Lost

Midsummer’s A Dream

A Streetcar Named Blantyre

View from The Erskine Bridge

Six Characters in Search O’an Off-Licence

Oor Toon

Laird of the Pies


Crime and Nae Punishment

Ma Damn Ovary

Lorna’s Doon

Paralytic Handy

The Grapes o’ Carnwath

Nae Remembrance o’ Things Past

101 Pit Bulls

Cousin Bet-Fred

Anne o’ Green Gorbals

Rilla o’ Kelvinside

The Wind in the Willow Tearooms

Three Hard Men in a Boat

Done for Possession

High Wind in Jamaica Street

Oranges WERE the only Fruit

P****shed Family Robinson

Aye, whit Beloved Country?

F**** off, Pendulum

The Life of Pie

Nae Expectations

The Heartlessness of Midlothian

Bender is the Night

One Threw Up in the Cuckoo’s Nest

North Anger Abbey

The Peril

Alice in Poundland

Alice Put through the Looking Glass


And Quietly Flows The Clyde

A Man fur Wan Season

The Bonfire o’ Profanities

Wan Scoop

Just so ye know stories

Grand Master Goes Commando

The Redundant Rainmaker

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