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81 onwards….




Who is the cuckoo –

my lover, the moon… that bird?

The morning after!




The wheel of fortune…

yes, no one can stay it.

Who knows what it brings.




Even in the hills

there is nowhere to find peace.

Life’s never- ending.




Even samurais’

significance can be lost

in past, or present.




The moon has fooled me

by shining through cracks in doors.

Sublunary love!




Is Saigyo’s sadness

to do with the world, himself,

or, indeed, with both?




After the showers,

the fir trees’ needles still drip,

as my tears trickle.




How much happiness

can one heart bear and how

much weight can reefs take?




I waited for love

and my maids waited as well.

Then we fell asleep.



He already leaves,

even though I tried so hard.

I’m not crying now.