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No number 41- the above is 42.  There is no 46, or 49)


No matter the oaths

we have pledged to each other,

they are in the past.




I will punish him:

his effigy is nailed here

until he responds.




I am a white fox.

I gave him a son; but he

wishes I had not.




I have been a fool.

Harakiri is my fate.

People should not cheat.



No 46.  This is 47:


Though all is prepared,

yet in my soul is darkness

no one can detect.





I sit out my love.

In daytime all is idle.

Fires will blaze at night.


No 49.  This is 50:




Carpe diem – yes!

Since you’re going to die young, make

smoke and burn brightly.