Even in winter,

we can survive the harsh cold,

if we work this hard.




Individual leaves

are swept past by the torrents;

en masse, block bridges.




By the time work stops,

the blossom has turned quite brown,

so look while you can.




The old pine needs help,

but is supported by sticks.

Look, just as I am!





You planted plum trees

long ago, my friend, and now

their perfume persists.





When the fish clean plates,

I hope they get some sake,

before dawn returns.




We are blown off course –

fortuitously in here,

to taste Nature’s gems.




He broke cords of love:

but I found there are plenty

more fish in the sea.




Since my love left me,

I don’t notice the glory

in all around me.




My face is as a book

and I find it hard to hide

the contents from you.