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Yoshida at Tokaido.jpg


I wish we could fly

to the summit of Fuji

and leave these old folks.


The Kazusa sea route.jpg


No matter how far

we sail, Fuji will ever

greet our home-coming.


Nihonbashi bridge in Edo.jpg


It’s crowded down here.

Where do we put all this stuff?

Up there, all is calm.


Village of Sekiya at Sumida river.jpg


We gallop on flat,

coastal paths, but can’t ride fast

on forbidding slopes.


Bay of Noboto.jpg


We make constructions

which shape the world to our size.

Nature still dwarves us.


The lake of Hakone in the Segami province.jpg


Little villages

nestle rounded hills; smooth lakes:

Fuji can’t be tamed.


The Fuji reflects in Lake Kawaguchi, seen from the Misaka pass in the Kai province.jpg


On land, or sea, we

can never escape Fuji

mirroring us all.


Hodogaya on the Tokaido.jpg


Who needs a compass?

Fuji’s reference point will

direct our goings.


Tama river in the Musashi province.jpg


Fuji seems closer

when the river mist merges

with the breaking clouds.


Asakusa Honganji temple in th Eastern capital.jpg


Oh, Asakusa,

your temple does not compare

with Fuji’s beauty.


Tsukada Island in the Musashi province.jpg


Fuji, bless our catch.

We return to you each night,

grateful for your care.


Shichiri beach in Sagami province.jpg


Nothing will ever

obscure Mount Fiji – not trees;

not clouds- no, nothing.


Umegawa in Sagami province.jpg


The cranes can never

enhance the beauty Fuji

already displays.


Kajikazawa in Kai province.jpg


On promontaries

men fish the ocean.

Fuji sustains all.


Mishima pass in Kai province.jpg


No matter how high

a god-like tree seems to be,

it can’t grow up there.


The Fuji from the mountains of Totomi.jpg


Man’s mighty structures

will only last for a time.

Fuji outlasts them.


Lake Suwa in the Shinano province.jpg


At Suma, Fuji

looks benign, like the Buddha:

calm, inscrutable.


Ushibori in the Hitachi province.jpg


Our boat is messy,

just like the rest of our lives.

Fuji remains calm.