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They won’t be engulfed

as the wave is not constant,

unlike Mount Fuji.

Red Fuji southern wind clear morning.jpg


Though clouds surround it,

they condense on Mount Fuji;

collide and stream down.


Lightnings below the summit.jpg


Incoming rainstorm

darkens one flank of Fuji;

its opposite basks.


Fuji seen through the Mannen bridge at Fukagawa.jpg


The bridge dominates

until you see the mountain,

framed by its supports.


The Fuji seen from the Mishima pass.jpg


Everyone ignores

what the weather is up there:

noses to grindstone.


The coast of seven leages in Kamakura.jpg


Compared to Fuji,

the Custom Pine seems bigger.

That’s an illusion.


Senju in the Musachi provimce.jpg


Tending to your horse;

casting your line in the lake:

Fuji’s your backdrop.


Inume pass in the Kai province.jpg


Some will go ahead.

I look after the horses.

Fuji protects me.


Fujimi Fuji view field in the Owari province.jpg


The cycle of work…

you turn your back on Nature,

but you have to eat.


Ejiri in the Suruga province.jpg


The wind buffets here;

we are unable to stand.

Imagine up there!


A sketch of the Mitsui shop in Suruga street in Edo.jpg


No one flies a kite

from the summit of Fuji:

they would disappear.


Sunset across the Ryogoku bridge from the bank of the Sumida river at Onmagayashi.jpg

The mountain reflects

the vicissitudes of life

down at our level.


Sazai hall - 500 Rakan temples.jpg


See, from Sazai Hall,

an excellent view is had

over the still lake.


Tea house at Koishikawa. The morning after a snowfall.jpg


Snowed in, the geisha

take delight in bird-watching

and white-capped Fuji.




Farmers, falconers

below Meguro work hard:

Fuji their shogun.


Watermill at Onden.jpg


The water wheel turns

because melted snow flows down

from Fuji’s cold slopes.


Enoshima in the Sagami province.jpg


Sails, roofs, pagoda

of Enoshima echo

conical Fuji.


Shore of Tago Bay, Ejiri at Tokaido.jpg


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