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Cranach, adamo ed eva, uffizi.jpg

(Cranach the Elder: Uffizi- Adam and Eve)


In the hortus clausus of Paradise,

Adam and Eve were naked, without shame;

partook of luscious fruits’ delectation

and yet, both were subject to temptation

and yielded. God then issued His calm denunciation:

expelled, they entered a marred Creation.


They wanted to be lords of Creation;

were not content to live in Paradise.

Adam, quick in his denunciation

of his wife and, both wearing leaves of shame,

blamed the wily serpent for temptation.

Forbidden knowledge was delectation.


And, oh the price of that delectation:

to have usurped the Lord of Creation!

Over-weening hearts, prey to temptation,

caused them to exchange Earthly Paradise

for lives of labour, childbirth pain and shame

and inter-gender denunciation.


Lest we jump to denunciation

of the Almighty, His delectation

in His creatures was His aim.  Death and shame

were never endgames in His Creation.

But how could there be sin in Paradise?

Free will left them open to temptation.


Yes, automata feel no temptation:

adoration, or denunciation

of God both possible in Paradise.

Disobedience was their delectation;

they wanted to be Lords of Creation,

yet, till their eyes were opened, felt no shame.


Do we repeat the arrogance and shame

in excusing ourselves our temptation?

Have we now lost Free Will?  Does Creation

struggle under God’s denunciation?

There was One, Who said His delectation

was to obey and He left Paradise.


We, His new creation; delectation!

Conquering shame, temptation, He opened,

Paradise; cancelled denunciation.