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Since there was some discussion as to what the rules of

a clerihew should be, I consulted my friend, Matthew Francis

on the matter- of course, by clerihew:


talking about the clerihew…

must you only have a name in the first line,

or, is having more than that, in your opinion, fine?

I received this reply:

Candia Dixon-Stuart,

devotees of the clerihew art,

disagree, gently,

on the principles of E. C. Bentley.

So, feeling a sense of liberation, I give you today’s:


(David Beckham in the Royal Box, 28/6/14

by Brian Minkoff- London Pixels)

David Beckham, aka ‘Becks,’

you seemed a model for your sex,

but your alleged obsession to receive a gong,

may taint your after-shave with a lingering pong.