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(Adlestrop station sign in bus shelter, 2007.

from geograph.org.uk

photo: Graham Horn)


Yes, I remember Adlestrop-

the name, because, quite uncertain,

of its precise pronunciation,

I referred to Richard Burton


(You Tube.)  Was that a mistake?

Once yclyped Tatlestrop, I trow-

where Repton landscaped Thomas Leigh’s lake.

‘Lee’, or ‘Lay?’  I don’t really know.


The church -St Mary Magdalene-

or should I call it ‘Maudlin?’

was linked to the Dukes of Chandos

(Shandos?) [ note to self:  Google the Bodleian]


Now I’m getting into a strop.

As for Twistleton-Wykham-Fiennes

of Tedestrop, or Attlestrop

or Tiddlestrop, it is like Heinz


Fifty-Seven Varieties.

It is hard to get it all off pat.

So, the present Lord Saye and Sele

shortened the whole shebang to ‘Nat.’