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St Michael the Archangel, Findlay, OH - bread and wine crop 1.jpg

St Michael the Archangel, Findlay,Ohio- Nheyob, 2011, cropped by Tahc.


I told you I am fixated on the sestina as a poetic form!


We are one because we share in one blood,

declares the priest, trying to evoke love,

in spite of all the centuries of rifts

and shameful practices within God’s family.

We gather in an act of reconciliation,

erasing the thromboses from the past.


Can we negate, wipe out the shameful past?

There’s an indelibility in blood.

No matter how we crave reconciliation,

we cannot will coagulation, love;

we cannot commandeer family

and force relations to cement their rifts.


Inevitably there will be rifts

in the heart’s polar regions; ice sheets from the past

crack, fissure, melt. And, in the family,

though connections are through blood,

they can only be maintained by love

and transfusions of reconciliation.


And every time we achieve reconciliation,

broach the breaches; bridge the gaping rifts,

we spin the web of Love;

we dialyse those platelets from the past

and filter those corpuscles of bad blood,

for the holistic health of our family.


But what about the wider family?

If we attain reconciliation

in the microcosm of our kith, kin and blood,

could we extend goodwill to rifts

of a global nature?  In the past

progress has only come about through love.


Sharing a meal can be a sign of love-

introducing the stranger to one’s family;

cancelling out the debts of the past,

in order to gain reconciliation;

throwing out lifelines that span rifts;

being prepared to become blood-


brothers, for the sake of the human family;

ultimate reconciliation; burying of the past;

grafting rifts and banking some good blood.