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Titans Take Part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month | SJJTitans.

Recently I have had three friends who have all contracted

breast cancer and they are all having individual programmes

of treatment.

About twenty years ago, I wrote this, in the persona of a

woman who had undergone surgery and who just wanted to get on

with her life, without having to encounter and put up with

everyone else’s  embarrassment and self-consciousness .



After my mastectomy, I was duly asked,

One lump or two?…and then a pregnant pause ensued.

Swollen with deep embarrassment; glibness unmasked,

the hostess halted her outpouring; the tea stewed.


Actually, I have none. – Discomfiture again.

(My voice as brittle as her porcelain cup and plate.)

Then one misguided ‘friend’ tried to conceal my pain –

She’s on a diet and has lost a lot of weight.


Yes, I’ve just been picking up a new bikini.

I’ve thought of Monte Carlo for my autumn week.


Or bust! said a girl whose breasts were like zucchini.

(My silicon implants provoke a good deal of pique).


Well, Papua New Guinea sounds like fun, I quipped.

My wit was rising like some vast protuberance.

Let’s say I kept my cards close to my chest.


Tight-lipped, my hostess said,

We usually go to France.