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What a world we live in! sighed Brassie.

I know.   I couldn’t get this jingle out of my mind, during the

night, I agreed.

What jingle?

This one:


Ten little children

found an old land mine;


and then there were nine.

(Image: 2005 David Monniaux)

Nine little children

stuffed in a crate; shipped

by people smugglers-

then there were eight.

Eight little children,

told they’d go to Heaven,

if they wore a martyr’s vest:

now there are seven.

Seven young children

shared explicit pics.

One went to meet a man

and now there are six.

Six feral children,

unlicensed to drive,

nicked a powerful car

and now there are five.

Five drugged up children

broke into a store;

stole some Ketamine

and now there are four.

Four little children,

outside, running free-

the blonde one trafficked

and now there are three.

Three little children-

just as children do,

trusted youth leaders

and now there are two.

Two little children

found their father’s gun.

One pulled the trigger

and now there is one.

One little baby,

born to show the way,

will greet his true friends

on The Judgement Day.

Image result for baby jesus

(Photo: Jeffrey C Cann)