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They were off!  Praise be for Roadside Recovery!

Just thinking…, said Snod, once they had reached

the motorway and he felt that Dru could concentrate.


You never did go into Bunbury, Quincunx

and Quatrefoil, to arrange to inspect the rest of the

jewellery deposited for you in the bank vault.

I know…It’s just that circumstances changed.

What do you mean?  How?

Well, now that you are seeing Virginia, I thought, if you

two get hitched, spliced, or whatever, well…

Snod coughed.

…well, she would be the due recipient of the legacy, being

your- em- wife and therefore Lady Wivern’s daughter-in-


The bumf said it was for your wife, or daughter.

Well, I don’t have a wife and you are my daughter, so, at

the point of Lady Wivern’s death, you were the only valid

beneficiary.  It couldn’t even be argued that Diana was my

common-law-wife, as we never lived together and she was

espoused to Murgatroyd.   I suppose you could give her a

token from the hoard…something you are less keen on,

if you feel you must.  And, if you give Diana a little

something, I will give you the heart-shaped diamond ring

I kept all those years for her.  I don’t think Virginia would

appreciate jewellery bought for someone else and it is

inappropriate for me to give it to your mother now she is

back together with Murgatroyd.

18K White Gold Heart Shaped Diamond Ring 2.05 Carat



The only thing that truly interested me was The Tindall

Jewel and, as you know, I signed for it to be left on

permanent display at Wyvern Mote.  At least they verified

my genetic credentials fairly discreetly in order for me to 

assert ownership and do that.

Yes, The National Trust soon co-operated when they

got wind that you were going to be Lady Bountiful to

them, Snod agreed.

I must say I was impressed when the curator came up

with Lionel and Peregrine’s milk teeth in the schoolroom

drawer.  It was so lucky that the little yellow stumps had

been kept in labelled drawing pin boxes, along with their

other childhood treasures.

Yes, my half brothers… A lifetime ago, said Snod sadly.

It certainly saved any ‘Alas poor Yorick!’ exhumations.

All we had to provide was that cheek swab and-hey

presto!-proof of identity for both of us.  That’s Modern

Science for you. And Modern Life.  Somehow spoils the

mystery, though… No, things can’t be changed

retrospectively.  Anyway, even if Virginia and myself do…

Father!  Dru pulled into the inside lane.  Are you telling

me there is a possibility??!

She hasn’t asked me yet, Snod prevaricated.  What

about you and Nigel?  You don’t give much away yourself.

Maybe we will, if you will.

Sounds like that song from The American Songbag, Dru

laughed.  Then she started singing:

She’ll be coming round the mountains when she comes…

She stopped: Who was ‘she’?

A locomotive.  It’s a railroad song.  Let’s just hope we

avoid a train crash in our relationships!

Oh, don’t be so gloomy!  Let’s just hope that she’ll be

wearing silk pyjamas when she comes!  I wonder if

Virginia does?

No, she doesn’t, commented Snod, without thinking.

Neither does Nigel! Dru giggled.

They both burst out laughing and continued lustily:

I will, if you will, so will I!