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Schopenhauer said of genius:

It’s like an archery contest: the talented hit the mark every time and

everyone can see that true genius gets the mark that no one else can


Wish I could hit the bulls-eye every time in my posts.  Impossible,

but one tries!  I concur with the great man who was among the first

to contend that the world is not a logical place.

Tangential shift to D H Lawrence… I warned you logic is not always

the guiding principle in this site!

A snake came to my water trough…

..and I in pyjamas for the heat…

That good old primary school teacher knew how to engrave

words on your heart as indelibly as ‘Calais’ was inked onto

Queen Mary’s.

1838 François-Édouard Picot - The Siege of Calais.jpg

Actually, it wasn’t a snake, but an Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard

and it came to the swimming pool area.  No matter- I

experienced similar emotions of honour, fear, liking, gladness,

but nothing remotely Freudian.  Though one can never be


Immature eastern blue tongued lizard.jpg

And, in case you think I was cowardly for ejecting from my sun-

lounger, the above photo shows an ‘immature‘ version.

Apparently, they are harmless, though they have teeth.


They might hang on if they bite you, or shed their tail, but are

not venomous.  Well, that’s a relief!

Someone is selling one, granted with a tank, for $220 on

Gumtree.  But you’d be up the aforementioned arboreal variety

if you think I would even consider throwing a towel over this

little fella, even given the Scottish entrepreneurial gene that

encourages me to make a bawbee or two out of any


Apparently, Tiliqua scincoides (sounds like a friend of Simon

Cowell’s) is a skink.  No, it’s Tulisa, isn’t it?

Tulisa Contostavlos 2014.jpg

Maybe she shouldn’t have had the work done.

Back in good old Scotia, they make soup out of them:

Cullen Skink.  That’s another bluff like the haggis scam.

The original convicts down here probably did and the name

travelled back home.

The good thing about these reptiles is that, though they have up

to thirty young, within a day, their offspring are entirely

independent.  No university fees and endless loans.

I did share that feeling of respect- that he/she had been

around before me, and that I was the intruder.

As Lawrence said:

a serpent is a thing created.  It has its own raison d’etre, its own

being; it has beauty and reality.

A pity then that those two whopping great kookaburras that

sit on the fence are probably waiting for it.  But then, as that

very different poet,Tennyson reminded us, nature is red in tooth

and claw.

So, though I won’t be a frequent visitor to backyardbuddies.

net.au/reptiles/lizards/blue-tongued lizard, I will always treasure

the memory of our strange meeting.

The way you flick your tail; the way you show your tongue…

No, no, they can’t take that away from me.

I’ll conclude with  N J Warburton’s 1947 witty observation:

Some creep came to my water trough

And stood there, hopping from foot to foot,

In his pyjamas…

Blue-toungued skink444.jpg