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Wherwell - geograph.org.uk - 193057.jpg

Hi!  Candia here.  You might have been wondering where I

have been.  That Augustus Snodbury guy and his friends

have taken over my blog.  What a silly old buffer he is.

Strange, but he has quite a following.

Well, it’s sunny and I have been out of doors, visiting a few

choice locations.

One Saturday I simply HAD to go to Wherwell, to walk in

peace and to go into the church.  The River Test is beautifully

clear and the black and white cottages are stunning.

The history of the location is enthralling too.

I bought a booklet in the church and brooded on its contents

for a few weeks until I felt ready to hatch out my impressions,

in the discipline of iambic pentameter.

Here is the evocation of my mood and crystallised thoughts:





Once in the abbey crypt, a duck-laid egg,

hatched by a toad, emerged a cockatrice,

which gorged on locals, till one man

took polished steel and dazzled this same beast.

Fighting its own reflection, it grew tired,

enabling Green to dispatch it forthwith.


Green’s Acres was the spot and there, at night,

an evening curfew tolled for many a year,

reminding all to seek those higher things;

show loyalty to their king, by offering up

archers and billmen for his war with France.


Queens Emma, Eadgyth sought their refuge here.

Elfrida, its first abbess, fell and drowned

in that same River Test.-she who deceived

her king and wed his servant, Aethelwold,

causing Edgar the Peaceable to kill

his rival, David-like.  And then himself,

hoist by his own petard, by his own son,

Edward the Martyr, bloodily usurped

by Aethelred, known as ‘The Unready:’

a ten year old, whose conniving mother

found the gates of Salisbury shut her out.

Ethelred the Unready.jpg

She turned around and, to atone her sins,

founded the sacred abbey of Wherwell.,

where the Blessed Euphemia re-built

dorters to benefit the claustration

of nuns who possessed their vessels, holy,

in sanctification, in conditions

sanitary, to repel the Black Death.

Later Matilda would meet her defeat

by Stephen, as she tried to cross the Test-

cousins at war.  She’d besieged the Bishop

at Winchester.  No sanctuary was found

for her guards, as they took abbey refuge.

William of Ypres showed no mercy when

refusal to surrender guests was tried.

Flushing them out with fire was his response.

Empress Mathilda.png

Corpse light glow worms pinpoint water meadows

where chaste ones once cultivated snowdrops

to cure the sick, or light the way

ambulant dead should trace through the mizmaze,

to leave behind corporeality-

a transformation more elevated

than Romsey sisters fleeing from the Danes;

losing their way in unfamiliar woods;

reproaching the Almighty and finding

their voices turn to those of feral cats.


Be still at dusk and sense those shifting eyes;

listen and one can hear the meowing cats.