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Diana, I said to myself, you must keep up your diary, even if you

are out of your own house and staying with someone else. 

So, Dear Readers, here I am again.

I couldn’t believe it when Drusilla dropped in to Royalist House to

tell me the latest news.  Sonia, curious as ever, kindly invited her to

stay for a couple of days, rather than having to return to the school

boarding house early.

Poor Gus, as Acting Head, had to go back to St Birinus’ Middle, a few

days before the start of the next half term, the reason being that the

lower corridor, which has shelving where staff collect prep and return

it, was awash in about a foot of flood water.

The only positive that arose from the situation was that several classes’

unmarked homework had mulched into a pile of paper mache- every teacher’s

dream!  The staff can easily predict grades and so on.  I know I used to take a

class in at a glance and could have- and frequently did- assess individuals

instantly. I was rarely far off the mark.  Nowadays it is even easier: everyone

gets an A*, or the teacher’s name is mud.  Any child who receives an ‘A

probably has had parental involvement, so it serves them right!

Anyway, St Vitus’ is on higher ground- topographically, and in their own

sociological estimation, so Dru will have no option but to go in at the

weekend and make inroads on the academic slush pile, or is it guilt pile?

Sonia thought Dru’s account of her sleuthing in Snodland was


We all agreed that there was no point in approaching old Revelly with the

information gleaned thus far.  The poor old boy has some kind of Alzheimer’s.

Neither did we feel that it would be helpful to inform Aunt Augusta of Revelly’s

relationship to Gus- after all, she only knew of his existence through Berenice,

her sister and all of that is water under a very ancient bridge.

The fact that the old devil had hopped between the sheets with Augusta the

other week was neither here, nor there.  Well, he was there, but not in any

meaningful way, let’s confess.  It was a case of mistaken identity. At

some subliminal level, however, he recognised the family features.

Gus would like to explore Revelly’s missing years from the 1950s.  He now

knows that his father was allowed to remain in the converted stable block

after the house and estate was gifted to The National Trust.  Revelly came to

Snodland Nursing Home for the Debased Gentry directly from there, according to

the garrulous receptionist.

What Gus would like to unearth is whether his father married, or whether he

had any other children.  At present, Hugo de Sousa, Gus’ Venezuelan half-

brother is a sufficient revelation!

Ginevra says that Dru can use her tablet to Google some information on

Wyvern Mote.  We are going over to see the old girl for snifterinos later this


Sonia believes that it is all written in the stars, but we just have to uncover

the facts on Wikipaedia.

My darling daughter is so thoughtful.  She brought me a lovely bowl of grape

hyacinths from the garden shop at Wyvern.  Ginevra is going to be given a pot

of crocuses and, when Sonia was given her bunch of spring flowers, she made

both of us LOL by thanking Dru for the necrophilia.  She said it brings the other

flowers to life in a vase.  (She meant gypsophila, but apparently had confused

that term with an aversion to the creation of travellers’ sites!)  Not in her back

yard, she avowed!