Don’t interrupt!

Aunt Augusta was concluding a game of cards and was on a winning


Once her opponents had been wheeled away, Dru and Gus sat

opposite her table, sitting on velours winged armchairs.

What’s kept you?  the curmudgeonly one rasped.

Just the insignificant matter of having to earn our living, Dru

said sotto voce, then volunteered with added volume, We had to

wait till half term, Aunt Augusta.

Well, now you are here, you can take me out, ordered their feisty

relative.  Monday I’m having my corns done and my hair set, but..

We thought Tuesday, Gus interjected.  If the weather is clement.

Did you bring my mink coat?  She sounded petulant and peevish.

No, aunt.  It’s a bit heavy.  We’ll fetch a travelling rug for your


I want to go home, stated Augusta.  Last night that young whipper-snapper

came into my bed, if you please, and tried to give me a squeeze.  I ordered

him back to his billet in no uncertain terms.

You mean one of the residents was wandering about at night?  Dru was


That’s what I said.  It was him over there.  She indicated a red-faced man

in his late eighties.  Cheek of him!  His feet were freezing and he called

me ‘Berenice’.

The unlikely Romeo was being assisted into a wheelchair.

How did he know your sister’s name?  Gus was astonished.

Dru wandered off to find someone in authority, so she could register a

complaint.  When she did report the bed-hopping incident, the

receptionist merely put it down to wild fantasy, either on Dru or her

aunt’s part, or owing to change of medication, and remarked

unprofessionally: Chance would be a fine thing!

Dru was shocked at this and decided to snoop around to see to which

room the aged Lothario had been wheeled. She trod on the slightly stained

carpet lightly, in case the whole of the male corridor was a warren of

Bluebeard’s chambers.

One door was ajar and she could see the same elderly man that Augusta

had indicated being eased into his chair.  The name on his door was

Anthony Revelly.’

Well, Dru mused, Your revels now are ended, my old son.