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Floor 29

The Tower of David



Dear Augustus,

I send you this ring on the deathbed instruction of our mother, Berenice

Snodbury, who sadly passed away just before Christmas.

Yes, I use the possessive ‘our’ because we are half brothers.

Do not be shocked.  I want nothing from you, but only seek to honour

a dying woman’s request.

Berenice had spoken to me of her guilt at leaving you behind at St Birinus’

boarding school at so tender an age.  She had no future in the relationship

with your father and so she followed her dreams and disappeared to

Venezuela, knowing that her sister, Augusta, was looking after your welfare.

She lived a full life here and was happy with my father, a fusion musician

and chavista called Vasco de Sousa, who sadly died in 2012.

I too am musical and teach drums and timbales and make music in the style of

the baseball infielder, Rudy Regalado, but, as you may be aware, the economy

has not been kind to us in recent years and I was forced to move in to the

Tower, under the protection of a so-called born-again Christian, El Nino.  The

Torre is a symbol of all our broken dreams.  As Daza said: God got rid of those

he wanted to get rid of and left those He wanted to leave.

So, there is very little likelihood that we shall be able to meet, dear brother.

The ring is of importance to you alone and the crest should give you a clue as

to your parentage.  Wear it with pride, dear brother, and be assured that you

were never forgotten.  I can only hope that the school still knows of your


Hugo De Sousa.

The Wyvern!  Snod was affected by the symbol as if it was a Jungian


He remembered visiting a gentleman, taken by that shadowy figure who was

his mother.  The man used to place him onto his knee and gave him chocolate,

when Gus was little more than a toddler.  He used to go on a train and then

his mother took a taxi to a grand country house on an estate.

He must Google Wyvern‘ to see what he could discover.

A half brother in Venezuela!  He supposed that the letter writer must be

genuine, or he would never have sent him the ring.  Or would he?

Perhaps this was an international scam.

Rose Gold Signet Ring

He should visit Aunt Augusta.  She must know something about this.  And,

though he felt little emotion at the announcement of the death of his mother,

he felt that his aged relative should be appraised of her sister’s demise,

though, as far as he knew, Augusta thought Berenice had died decades ago!