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Mum, said Drusilla, talk about bad timing for a house sale.

The weather couldn’t be worse!

I know, I replied, but though Bradford-on-Avon was partially

submerged at Christmas, we appeared to get away with it,

being further up the hill.  And, anyway, prices seem to be rising

and there is a little flurry of activity.

The estate agent said we should have no trouble come the

Spring, as lots of people want to live in the Avon Valley.  Some are

even converting a property in the centre of town into a Buddhist Temple

and two monks are going to live above the meditation room, with their

saffron robes etcetera.  And talking of saffron, I saw a few crocuses

raising their little heads today and there were a couple of daffs too.  So,

maybe the worst of winter is over.  Or maybe not.  Hmm..

Anyway, Dru, I continued on the phone, the agent says the house

will fly.

You mean like the Santa Casa? she laughed.

What’s that?

Oh, Mum, don’t you remember we visited that monastery place in

Prague and they said that a building there was the house of the Virgin

Mary, where she received the Annunciation?  Apparently it had transported

itself from Nazareth by miraculous propulsion.

Oh, yes- vaguely.  No, it was a replica of one which had been moved,

stone by stone, from Nazareth to Dalmatia and then to Loreto, Italy.

Because the name of the family who transported it was Angeli, people

thought it had literally been moved by a heavenly pantechnicon!

That’s right.  Hey, you could move the cottage to Suttonford and then

you’d have the house you want in the location you long for.

Good idea, Dru, but I don’t think it’s logistically possible.  I’ll just wait

for the Easter peak in house sales and it should shift itself. 

Sonia is enjoying having company and isn’t throwing me out-yet!

Dru made a few remarks about guests and fish going off after a few

days, but didn’t really mean it, I felt.

Good, she concluded.  Look, I’ll try to see you on my free afternoon.  Don’t

throw out my knitted Eeyore in your bid for minimalisation, will you?

No, of course no, darling.  As if I would!  See you soon.  ‘bye.

I replaced the handset.

Yikes, I wonder if Sonia can still knit? I’m sure I

left a load of ancient soft toys out for collection by Barnardos and it would

have been included in the bag.  I’d better buy some grey wool asap or I will be

under a permanent cloud, eating thistles for the rest of my life, no make that

‘foreseeable existence’!

I think I’ll need a little purple too and a pattern from the Internet.  Drat!

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