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Magical Baby0001Magical Baby0002 Magical Baby0003 Magical Baby0004What is this scribble,

Candia? Brassie asked,

picking up my napkin in

Costamuchamoulah must-

seen cafe.

I cannot help doodling

and I had certain things

on my mind as it neared


What is this Magical Baby

all about? she persisted.

Well, the first frame shows

a plan for a picture of the

baby surrounded by animals

from Down Under.  The baby

is on the other side of the

world from its grandparents,

which makes them sad.

Frame 3 shows Grandma

logging on to Skype and the

picture appearing which

illustrates MB and her


MB has mush round her mouth and is sucking a toy monkey.  When she

sees Grandma, she smiles and the monkey drops out of her mouth.

She dribbles and drools and then she screams.

Grandma instinctively holds out her arms and MB steps right through

the screen and into her arms.  Now Grandma can pat her big nappy and

cuddle her.

Mummy wonders how MB did that amazing feat!

Grandma smells her head and tickles her and MB blows bubbles and

gives Grandma one of her BEST smiles.

Grandad is looking over Grandma’s shoulder.

Suddenly MB’s face changes colour.  She grows redder and redder,

more and more purple and madder and madder.

Grandma hands her back through the monitor to Mummy and


In the 15th frame Mummy asks again how MB managed to do that.

Grandma tells her that all babies are magical and in the 16th she adds

that all mummies and daddies are too.

Finally, she asserts that all Grandmas and Grandads are also magical.

That’s really sweet, Candia.  Most unlike you.  I think it’s a great idea,

especially for a book which grandparents could send to their distant

grandchildren.  It would express their longing to hold and touch their

loved ones.  Why don’t you approach a publisher?  It looks as if you could

practically illustrate it yourself.

No, it was just an idea.  But maybe if I put it on my posting, someone will

be interested and might approach me about it.  It kind of fits in with Alice

through the Looking Glass, or going through the wardrobe to Narnia sort of


Next you’ll be selling your doodled napkins, like Picasso!  Hey, maybe you

will be able to offer the proprietors of Costamuchamoulah a drawing in

exchange for a couple of Flat Whites and a Florentine or two! over-enthused


And maybe not! I replied, scrunching up my drawings and stuffing them in

my bag.


(copyright Candia Dixon-Stewart- except for the name ‘Magical Baby’, which I have since discovered has been used by someone else commercially, although I thought of it independently.  I suppose if a publisher was interested, I could think of an alternative title.)