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I saw something rather moving this morning, I remarked to Brassica.

What?  At Church?

Yes.  In the cathedral.  We had just taken Communion and I was reflecting

on the prayer of humble access we had just voiced before going forward.

You mean, ‘we are not worthy..’?

Yes. (Brassie should study the latest marmoset research on turn-taking)

..to gather up the crumbs under your table, I expounded.

I suppose that means we are all unworthy, but God is merciful, she elucidated.

Right. Sort of.  But I started to think of the Syro-Phoenician woman who

countered Christ’s challenge, proving her faith, when she said that even the

dogs could eat the crumbs that fell from their master’s table.

Oh.  Well, that was all about the inclusion of the Gentiles, wasn’t it?  Gentile

dogs and all that..

Yes, but then I looked up and there was a lady being led by a guide dog, right

up to the communion rail.  She knelt down and the dog sat beside her.

What happened?

The bread came round and then the chalice.  But I was disappointed.


The chalice bearer passed over the dog.

But you can’t give holy things to dogs, can you? Isn’t that from the Bible


GermanShep1 wb.jpg

Apparently, in Toronto, a German Shepherd called Trapper attended-

can you say that a dog attends?- a service in St Peter’s Anglican Church and

the lady vicar gave it some of the consecrated host.  Parishioners complained

to the bishop.  A guy called Terry Mattingly has written all about it from some

Washington Centre for Christian Colleges and Universities.

So, what did you expect the chalice bearer to do? Brassie religiously enquired.

I thought that they might have patted it on the head and blessed it.  St

Francis would have, I’m sure.

Well, maybe next time they will have had a chance to bring the subject up

at a Chapter meeting, suggested Brassie.

Yes, I mused.  Maybe like in Animal Farm where there is a vote cast as to

whether rats are comrades, or not.

Hmm, countered Brassie.  But you know what happened then.  Those who

thought that they were superior in the chain of command didn’t behave too

well themselves. 

That’s why we humans can all avow sincerely that we are no better than

dogs, I nodded.  Thank Goodness that we have the same Lord!