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Mum! Mum!  Can we go to..?

Mum! Mum!  Can we buy..?  

Brassica was becoming frazzled as the school holidays dragged on.

Oh, for a bit of peace and quiet.  Did the twins think money grew on

trees?  Actually, they thought that it popped out of holes in the wall.

The concept of earning any was beyond them.

Right, guys, come over here.  I want to show you something.

Wot? murmured Pollux.

Aw, boring! Castor said, but dragged himself away from the computer

for a nano second.

Don’t be rude, reprimanded Brassie.  It says here– she pointed to her

tablet- that researchers from Edinburgh University who look into the

behaviour patterns of burying beetles have discovered that pestering parents

does not pay.  If the larvae nag their parents for food, then they are


Aw right?  They have their i-phones confiscated?  joked Pollux.

Don’t be cheeky! replied an exasperated Brassie.  No, the mother simply

eats them.  That is how she controls her squabbling offspring.

Cool- not! said Castor.

Now, I’ve asked you three times to bring down your laundry from your

rooms, so I don’t intend to ask you again, Brassie warned.

And, as if by magic, the twins raced upstairs, throwing their mother a

new respectful look of temporary obedience.