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2013 Numatic Henry - Autosave Vacuum Cleaner HVR200A in Red

Henry, the vacuum cleaner, was summoned and its hose directed

above the crack in the floorboards.  Schtoom!

Outside, when they emptied the sack, the heart-shaped ring

appeared, nestling in a pile of fluff and crumbs.  Not terribly

romantic.  Snod quickly put it back into its plush-lined box and

pocketed it.

Diana was embarrassed and Drusilla felt that her father’s priorities

were not all that they should have been.  She retrieved the

envelope which contained mementoes of her life thus far and re-

appropriated it, announcing:

Well, father, you didn’t seem particularly elated to meet me on

familial terms and Mother doesn’t think much of your having

equated me with ‘the bitter end’. I think she would just like to

settle her share of the bill and then go home. 

Snod waved away the twenty pound notes, paid the bill and

thanked the proprietor for his help in finding the ring.


Drusilla and Diana climbed into their car: Men!

Oh well, thought Snod, at least I have the calligraphy course to

look forward to and I suppose I have encountered my own flesh

and blood.  They say it is thicker than water.  Perhaps an apt

comparative. Of course, Diana is not of my bloodline.  He revved

the engine and shot out of the car park. Now how do I get back to


Caroline Miniscule was calling him and it wasn’t a woman on his

mobile. Calligraphy was a lot more satisfying and a deal less