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St Vitus’ School for the Academically-Gifted Girl.

Martinmas Term Report

Juniper Boothroyd-Smythe


Juniper’s art project was imaginative and evidenced a global awareness of current textile instillation work.  Perhaps she should be aware that yarn bombing/ graffiti knitting is still considered a criminal offence and can invite prosecution.  Covering the local gold Olympian commemorative post box with a crotcheted balaclava incorporating the slogan Go! Pussy Riot! did not bring glory to the school, unfortunately.  Perhaps public art is not the forum for her underage protest.  Her domestic, interior piece Deadly Knitshade was worthy of an A*, but I fear that she may have plagiarised the title.

The Dean and Chapter would be grateful if she removed the string of knitted women bishops from the cathedral railings.  Point taken.

Drusilla Fotheringay-Syylk  MA, M.Phil

Tiger-Lily Brewer-Mead                                   Dec 2012



Tiger’s multi-screenprints of Pooh-Bah the pug with thermal imaging format made for a really hot art project this half-term and owed much to her visit to the Warhol exhibition.  The suspended Agnes C  poo-bags around the frame reminded us of the importance of the anti-toxocariasis campaign and issues related to wealth and waste.  I was grateful that the aforementioned receptacles were empty, from a Health and Safety perspective, so full marks for awareness of these matters.  Her justification of the potential medium was well-grounded in the traditions of Gilbert & George and Chris Ofili.  If she were to dabble in the elephantine variety, she would need to consider much larger containers and antiseptic handwash.

This was an improvement on her unmade bed installation from last half term, which we considered rather derivative, and grammatically unsound, given that the title Everyone I have ever had a Sleepover With ended in a preposition and that is something up with which we do not put.

D. F-S

No Woman No Cry by Chris Ofili (1998). The pai...

Scheherezade Percival      Martinmas term 2012

English A*

Sherry’s narratives show urgency and her use of the cliff-hanger device makes each story seem of vital importance, creating suspense and keen anticipation in her reader.  Her moral fable: Nemesis House, about a couple who lust after a bigger and better home, only to be gazumped in a very public and humiliating way, could be seen to be a tale for our times.  Other vignettes with an ethical point included Role Reversal, the sad account of a man whose wife never cooked and who failed to be on the short list in a cookery competition.  Less successful was the rather didactic portrayal of the ageing masseuse who failed to attract a television cameraman.  It seemed a trifle far-fetched and somewhat untrue to life.  If Sherry is prepared to murder her darlings, so to speak, and to write what she knows, from her own experience, then we will perhaps have a future Man Booker winner to add to our alumnae.