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Juniper’s mum reminded me that I had some old poems lurking in my filing cabinet.  I found this one from a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much to update, except for trying to find a rhyme for Cameron or Osborne- more difficult than Brown!

In the Bleak Midwinter


English: Amport - In The Bleak Midwinter A fro...

In the bleak midwinter

Credit Crunch took hold.

People stole scrap iron;

lost their faith in gold.

Stocks had fallen, down and down,

down and down,

in the bleak midwinter of

Gordon Brown.

English: Gordon Brown

Cash no longer feeds us;

debt is not sustained.

All our baubles flee away;

Christmas cheer is feigned.

In the bleak midwinter,

our stable block won’t sell;

recession has zapped MFI-

“Woolies” gone as well.

Enough for those with bonuses,

pampered left and right.

Heaven and Earth are moved for them:

Might is always Right!

Enough for those connected

to people at the top-

celebrities and braying fools-

all who live to shop.

Richard Dawkins at the 34th American Atheists ...

Richard Dawkins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels and archangels

gather round the crib.

Richard Dawkins tries to say

that it’s all a fib.

Kids crave animation,

inheritances cashed.

The baby’s been aborted

and the Wise Men trashed.

What can we offer,

poor as we are?

If fuel prices rocket,

we’ll sacrifice our car.

Taliban and terrorist

could give up their creed,

If Westerners renounced their pride

and their mordant greed.

In the bleak midwinter,

frosty wind made moan.

Someone left a message-

not on an ansafone.

It wasn’t on an iPod

and had a strange typeface:

it spoke of His investment

in the human race.