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Getting into haiku.  Must have been after my post on The Perpetual Calendar– a couple of posts ago!

First Cuckoo of the Year at Tsukudajima - Hiroshige


Cuckoos fly the coast

from Edo to Kyoto;

it takes him three weeks


on foot, through high rocks,

where shrines hang in opaque mists.

In the riverbed

Fichier:Hiroshige Man leading an ox between mountain slopes.jpg

a man leads an ox.

Travellers huddle in clefts:

their sticks cast shadows.

File:26 - The Oi River Between Suruga and Totomi Provinces.jpg

Nude swimmers transport

goods on rafts over the river.

Fuji dominates.

Ayasegawa kanegafuchi

Against a plum sky

boats are poled past willows

in reedy waters.

A crescent slice hangs

below a suspended cobweb

bridge, which straddles the gorge.


Someone is carried

in a wicker hammock, under

austere battlements,

by men with crampons.

In the night they find their way

by white marker stones.