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L’idéal, c’est le gout de Dieu – V. Hugo

Sagrada Família church, Gaudi's masterpiece










He who knew the Veritas and Vita

was trampled on a line on Gran Via,

his pocketful of peanuts and currants

scattered like ebony rosary beads

which mingled with his bloodstains on the rails.

Five days on, Catalonia’s homage

was marked in damask and curved black ribbons

by a black hearse drawn by plumed black horses

through the capital to those capitals.

The Cornet had resounded ‘Hosanna’.

The son of a coppersmith exalted

the son of a carpenter, so that stones

cried out His deity and handiwork.

From the serpentines of bright workshop stills

came the spirals of his imagination.

His blue eyes screened the Barcelona sun

while bent in projects or in silent prayer.

Industrialists did not always like his puns.

From the Collserola hills he looked down

at his cypress towers to eternity.

His Rosita drank Aigua del Carme,

toasting the Carmelite nuns who brewed it;

seeking the Mother of God and her own.

Then he removed his faded black felt hat

and hung it up in the now empty hall.

His bed became a mason’s Bauhütte

while he carved the needles of Montserrat

into Sagrada Familia’s spires.

And when they asked when it would all be done,

he said, “My client is in no hurry”.


The Architect of the Universe smiled.

English: The Sagrada Familia viewed from Casa ...

English: The Sagrada Familia viewed from Casa Milà, Barcelona, Spain Français : La Sagrada Familia vue de la Casa Milà, Barcelone, Espagne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)