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Aged white wine. Blandy's Malmsey Madeira

Well, I must add that I don’t pop my cork

for anything I see, but I recognised a good label,

went weak at the lees, when, on the grapevine,

I heard we were to spend our winter

dormancy laid down and racked together.

With your lovely, steely, flinty nature

I was utterly intoxicated.

Though we hadn’t exchanged appellations,

you tossed a flowery bouquet at me.

Your rich, aristocratic texture and

fine hallmarks of quality, elegance,

noble rot, brought me out in beads ad hock.

A bunch of Riesling grapes after the onset of ...

Yes, I was made for early consumption.

My initial underlying softness

and good, round fruit- (I am medium-bodied,

supple and full of charm)-matched your deeper

maturity.  Your sensual attack

sustained our indestructible sparkle.

Yet, for all this, we were surprisingly

approachable -in spite of displaying

our wonderful complexity, finesse:

you with your slightly burnt, plummy accent;

me with my perfect terroir combine.

Never put new wine in old skins, it’s said,

Yet your admirable fruitiness and

length maintained a quite persistent finish.

Young and racy, I enjoyed Cotes de Nuits,

But, decanted, I became very tart.

Since only ten percent improve with age,

corked, I find I’m only good for cooking.

Français : Les vignobles de la Côte de Nuits