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27 degrees in London, but no gold medals for GB.

The synchronised swimming didn’t look that synchronised, nor was there a lot of swimming going on.  BMX I associate with kids.

More attractive was a trip to Chichester for Kiss Me Kate. When the chorus sang It’s  too Darn Hot! I concurred. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the general ideology, but the showmanship would have outshone a Danny Boyle spectacle any day.

Cole Porter was an absolute genius for lyrics and the cast’s diction was spot on. I’m always true to you darlin’- in my fashion might have been a coalition rendition for Nick Clegg to sing to Dave in the rose garden.

Day 15- 32 medals to be won- the most for any day thus far.


Romney has chosen his running mate, I see.  It sounds as if they are going to enter the 5,000 metres in Rio.

A medal for each of his twins – that was Mo’s aim and he achieved it. The Bolt was incredibly well-mannered about Birmingham and Brunel Universities and their hospitality. I hope that someone will sneak the relay baton for him.

Yes, there were batons and successful bantams.  There was bravery in the diving with various degrees of waxing evident. The hirsute level did not seem to hamper success.

I hope that the Beckham boys hadn’t indulged in flash photography when Daley was concentrating.  David was babysitting so Posh could get in some much-needed dress rehearsal. How many black outfits does she have to try on? He must get fed up with hearing her saying, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.  He probably mutters under his breath. What I really want is a bit of peace round here. Hence the quality time with the boys.

Ben Ainslie came on screen, looking rather knackered and he announced that he would be carrying the flag in the closing ceremony.  He may/ may not go to Rio. (Cue for a Winehouse song):

They wanted me to go to Rio, but I wouldn’t go-o-o.

He might make a second career as a pop star. He has the looks and we all know that you don’t need a voice.  Maybe he is going to settle down and have four kids- one for each medal.  I thought of all those Metaphysical poems where youthful good lookers were persuaded to have progeny to continue their genetic line.  Don’t waste it, Ben!

One more day to go.

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