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PIA15279 3rovers-stand D2011 1215 D521-crop2-CuriosityRover.jpg

I think the NASA rover Curiosity has been roaming over a certain hotel in Las Vegas, picking up some interesting pictures of alien behaviour.

Headlines have included: Flash Harry and Bare to the Throne.

If he wants his image restored, then he had better not ask octogenarian Cecilia Giminez, the pensioner from Zaragoza, who took it upon herself to turn Ecce Homo – Behold The Man- into Ecce Mono – Behold the Gingery Monkey.

Apparently she has brought her village some publicity for its speciality blood sausage, but I don’t think Dirty Harry would welcome her attentions or, indeed, will embrace with joy the attentions of his commanding officer on Monday morning.

There was 65mm of rain in Lerwick and York had most sunshine.

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