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Threatening rumbles made me consider turning off my computer before it blew up.

I hoped the lavender in my garden wouldn’t go mouldy in the downpours, as I have to make quite a few pillows for anxious friends.  I have heard that some of these microwaveable lavender and husk pillows spontaneously combust later, in your bed, setting your house ablaze.

There are certain people that I would consider bestowing one on, but it is a question for The Moral Maze as to whether the spontaneity of the combustion would absolve one from responsibility.  Think on’t, Joan Bakewell, you fragrant crumpet.

I am sure that, being sexist aside, male athletes would prefer a bottle to a posy.  Maybe they give the flowers to their mums, girlfriends or wives.  Maybe some have them returned if that is all they are offered for their undying support.

Yes, lavender is in or now.  I wonder if Charles gives Camilla some floral Duchy products in her Christmas stocking, with a gift card which reads:

Lavender’s blue, Dilly-dilly;

Lavender’s green.

When I am King, Dilly-dilly,

You shall be Queen. ( or consort)

Or maybe in a few years’ time it may read:

Lavender’s blue, Dilly-dilly;

Lavender’s green.

Now Wills is King, Dilly-dilly,

Kate shall be Queen.

(Sorry, Gladys.)

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